Ague (@ague) is a Team Managed account that is ran by Hyposent.

We have taken funny videos/clips to the next level. With over 1,600 followers, we provide them all with laughable/wholesome content basically hourly. We usually come to you for submissions of clips, but we do receive submissions here and there. You can submit videos/clips to our website (listed below). All videos/clips are credited and compensated accordingly.
Our Byte Page

This account (forums account) is created by Hyposent. Team members cannot post on this account.


Here’s some questions we get the most.

Why do we do what we do?

This may be of shock, but we don’t do this for followers, likes, clout, etc… . . We don’t care for the followers number (we do love every single one of our followers), but instead we do this to make others laugh, feel better about themselves, and have a better day in general. Do we care for likes? Likes tell us that you enjoyed the post our team member did, but we mainly care for how many loops the video was played. If it’s a high number, we know we made people smile.

How do I submit videos/clips?

You can submit your video/clip on our website.
Our Website

I want to know more about you guys…

No problem. All information about us and what we do is on our website.
Our Website

How many people are on your team?

There are currently 4 people on our team that posts to our page. You can go to our team section on our website to view each one of them.
Our Website