@zachking has 23 million followers on IG

Which person on Byte has more or close to the same number of followers on IG @zachking does? I think it is cool to see someone posting on Byte that has that large of a following.


We need Kim Kardashian :pleading_face: break the…


I’m honestly really happy for Zach because I think his perspective’s changed about the platform. I was originally discontented because he was getting thousands of views for mere reposts from his Instagram. However, ever since he got into the Partner Program, I’m pretty sure it’s now changed where he’s posting his content on byte FIRST, then Instagram a few days later.
I was reading some of the comments of his latest video on Instagram, his playing cards one that he posted on byte first. The first comment thread I found was people interacting over watching it on byte first and I was happy about it.
If he’s able to keep up this promotion of byte even indirectly, that’ll be awesome. :grin:

EDIT: I realized that he’s only posted one this way so far, but here’s hoping he continues to do so this way!


King Bach

Logan Paul

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You say Logan Paul,

I want David Dobrik



Did not know this! Very interesting turn of events


I had no idea. THAT IS GREAT :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

I would honestly rather NOT have any of the Paul brothers on the site.

I would love to see, IDK, Chloe Woodard.


Well don’t wanna flex…but 375.

I know, I know don’t all swarm at once.
It’s hard to be this famous, like everyone im close with knows my name.


Logan is :nauseated_face:. I want Mr Beast.

Rudy Mancuso :microphone:

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Which person on Byte now has the most IG followers? What is their Byte name?

Which person on Byte now has the most IG followers? What is their Byte handle?

Phinto, which person on Byte now has the most IG followers that you have seen? What is their Byte handle?

Zach King but there is a few other Bytere with big IG YouTube or Twitter followers but NONE of them ever post anything about Byte. Just imagine if Zach King told his followers to download Byte if only half downloaded the app that would enough to blow up Byte.


Even if only a mil downloaded it, there would be such a flow of new content and new viewers!


We need Lewandowski or CR7 on byte. They got a lot of followers but choose to use tiktok as their 2nd platform and not byte :tear:

it’s ‘cringe’ to post about something if you think your followers think it’s lame. TikTok was shit on for years until just a few months ago, James Charles used to say it was shit, now everybody is on board with it, putting it in their YouTube video titles for clicks, getting ad revenue from little kid viewers… DJs getting paid to promote the app on their instagram etc. Just how the world works for most of us.

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can we please get ben fiebs on byte he’s quite a funny fello