Youtubers you dislike and like

i made this because i wanna know why people dislike and like certain youtubers.


I don’t like you tubers who’s channels are based on criticizing other youtubers because it just makes the community toxic :nauseated_face:


i don’t like youtubers who create drama for no reason or youtubers who are bad influences jake paul . I like youtubers who are good influences and good people like Special Books For Kids, NigaHiga, Markiplier, and Rebecca Black


I really love Danny Gonzales. He is funny. #TrulyGreg


I like Joe Wellers older videos, I grew up watching them through high school and found them very entertaining especially his internet melts, these days his content isn’t suited towards me as much tho.

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Coryxkenshin is my favorite YouTuber, he produces clean humorous content. I’ve been a sub of his for a longggg time lol, before he reached his millions of subs and before he fixed his teeth.

I dislike Brandon Rashad due to a personal experience with him, only thing imma say about it is he’s fake

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I’ll second that. Anybody can stand in front of a camera and tell people what they should and shouldn’t do. For the most part its just like sport crtics, but on topics people take way too serisioly in my opinion

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I like YouTubers who give off a genuine vibe. People who are on the platform because they love their craft have a completely different energy than those who use their platform for money/attention. I think JacksFilms is the perfect example of how someone’s genuine personality has an extremely positive effect on both his content and his fanbase.


I agree, and I know for a fact you tubers like that are going to be roasting everyone’s bytes. Even the bytes that are genuinely funny I bet they’ll still act like it’s terrible and say byte is cringe. But who cares let’s do what we want

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Baylen Levine is super funny and positive. You should check him out