Youtuber expression between TikTok and Vine

What you guys think about this?


respect his opinion. in my opinion, this ain’t it chief, he’s saying this because the app is popping rn, TT has learned from vine’s mistakes. soon, byte will learn from TT mistakes to make it better…:slightly_smiling_face: vine birthed TT including many more and still remains as an iconic app!


He’s not wrong in most of the stuff he’s saying, but there’s also a distinct feeling of him being a pretty new user. I feel like if he had used tiktok for a long time, he’d brought up complaints that a lot of Tiktok users have a bit more to the forefront.

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I’ve seen some folks mention byte in the comments but does he actively address/mention it in the video?

I think he made a lot of valid points and reinforced some of the things I’ve said here about the nostalgia for Vine not translating to people wanting to make short, looping videos anymore.

@gwynerso: He mentions Byte at this point in his video:


Thanks Tom!

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  • You have raised valid points between TikTok and Vine. TikTok entertains us through many ways like dance moves, acting, comedy, so TikTok is popular than Vine.

So cool now I can start posting and having fun on the community, great post thanks!
However, I just found out what Vine was and it turns out it has been shut down by Twitter long ago. Now tik tok is running over everything! :blush: