YouTube sub box changes

In case you missed it, youtube went ahead and changed their sub box to sort by ‘highlights’ instead of ‘most recent’ :woman_facepalming:t2: similar to what ig did in the past :-1:t2: be sure to change your settings back to most recent so you don’t miss your favourite creators videos! :sweat:



Shout-out to the girl who posted it on Twitter.

All kinds of originality were lost

Hopefully YouTube checks itself or it will end up reking itself. they need to keep themselves and their business in check and not change these things so willynilly!


I’m hating on youtube for all the bad changes >:/

since like 3 years ago

I hate having to hit a bell to be notified when a youtuber post because otherwise I could never watch some of their videos.

Wow. That’s so cool

YouTube stopped being the social media that we knew

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I don’t figure anyone knows where this is? I’ve checked via my tablet and unable to see where exactly this setting is.

YouTube isn’t what it used to be :cry:

Many have said the same. Maybe it’s because you haven’t updated it.

I don’t know if I’m crazy, but I don’t see this highlights tab on my profile. Lucky me, I guess. Regardless, I’m a little disappointed at the decisions YouTube’s been making lately, from the monetization stuff to the Partner Program changes.

Yeahhh… I miss YouTubers being themselves and not holding to do or say things.

Literally there is no update to be done. I’ve checked the google store. Let alone my browser doesn’t even have the option, lol.

They’re most likely only rolling it out to a small bunch of randomly selected accounts kind of like how Twitter rolled out 280 character tweets.

As a YouTuber, I don’t understand why it’s so hard for YouTube to listen to their creators.

I believe YouTube will eventually die in 5-7 years. Everyday is worst and worst.

I hope V2 isn’t the same way

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Hopefully V2 will live on

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Didn’t notice this, thanks for letting us know!