Youtube Stories

I don’t know if you guys have noticed that Youtube Stories now let you add comments to their stories, which in my opinion is a great idea, and it also looks so clean.
The best part of it all is that when on “Home” you get stories from people you don’t follow so you can discover new youtubers to watch and also offers the option to immediately subscribe to them!



Now hold on, i didn’t even know youtube also has a stories Feature :scream::scream:


What the actual heck

dang…may have to restart the ole youtube channel

Stories have been a thing for months now on YouTube, but youtubers don’t really use it that much, it is now that they’re starting to use it properly.

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Really? Thats maybe why i never noticed it i guess :thinking:

dat moustache tho

YouTube stories makes me think of Instagram how they just stole ideas from other apps. But to each their own.

can you see the stories online or only from the app?

Not sure as Most of the time I use the app.

you tube stories is not out to every one yet on you tube

I wish there was a way to post to all apps stories at once


I hate how every social media app is doing stories. It kinda makes them look lazy as they are copying the other apps. Why not just come up with something else that’s cooler?

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I’ve seen this feature on the app. It definitely looks cool, but feels like Youtube is trying to be more of a social media app, when doing this. (Just my opinion) Still like it though

Too many apps have stories imo, I’ve never really liked the YouTube stories I accidentally clicked them a few times. I do like insta stories tho ahah

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The only reason I like Youtube’s is because 99% of the time isn’t for promo, just to make sure that you know that there’s a new video out. In my opinion its a little bit more professional as most don’t use it as instagram’s or snapchat.