YouTube Shorts

YouTube is introducing the “Shorts” feature where 15 seconds of short videos can be shot. The first test will start in India.

Instagram also brought the “reels” feature.

If the right strategy is followed, these developments could be an opportunity for byte rather than a crisis.

Byte may be the main point of departure for Youtube and Instagram’s short videos. So the main hub will be Byte and the videos shot and shared via Byte will then be uploaded to Instagram and YouTube.

Byters will be able to gain popularity and revenue by sharing the videos it shares via Byte on other platforms. Byte’s main location is to function as a video factory. The Byte should be the place of production, ie the kitchen.

The reason YouTube took such an initiative is because it is aware that it no longer meets the needs of creators. Youtube has started to give content producers quite a challenge lately. Youtube is a very stingy practice in distributing its revenue to content producers. There are many aspects that make it difficult to produce content. Many YouTube creators stopped producing content for Youtube because of this, and many of them also quit Youtube. Youtube wants to regain the attention it lost by introducing “shorts” feature. He wants to get a big share of the Tiktok cake.

The main reason why Youtube and Instagram bring 15-second video conciseness is to allow videos to be uploaded from elsewhere, rather than their platform’s content production center. Youtube and Instagram cannot be a production center anymore. Just two platforms where users install once in a while so as not to lose their audience.

Byte is easier if it makes it easy to capture and share video and start a new stream. Byte should provide an environment where new creators can grow, rather than focusing on older creators. Former creators are already in a certain position. The emergence of new creators and the support of these new creators by Byte will make Byte a center of attraction.

Since Youtube and Instagram have grown so much and become widespread, they don’t care too much about content producers anymore. These two applications have become almost an obstacle run for content producers.

I hope Byte can turn all these crises into opportunities and become a new hope for all.


Youtube Shorts just looks bad from what I’ve seen and reels is being hated a lot because of its poor algorithm and recorder anyways ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Looks like I was pretty spot on with Reels. Let’s wait for YouTube Shorts to be released to the public though :wink: