YouTube Replacement

Could V2 be a replacement from YouTube, everyone is having problems on it

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I don’t think V2 could be a YouTube replacement. Youtube is a huge brand and also Youtube has longer videos than 6.5 seconds.

Youtube is sooo huge and owned by Google

^^^^ and i believe v2 will still somewhat be based off of short videos

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I don’t think V2 can replace Youtube, but I do think it will grow into a very big platform.

true v2 is prolly all about short videos and Youtube is already too big

but I agree… youtube is really going downhill :frowning:

so i just realised i posted a similar topic to this recently ( will v2 be better than vine or will it be a rival to youtube ) i think if it lasts longer than the original vine did it stands a chance of being competitor/rival to youtube, if it doesnt then maybe some people that know how to do website stuff get together, work together and give it a crack because youtube has been goiing down the pan for ages now

I don’t think v2 will have enough ads to provide the artists with $ the way that YouTube does. While they both will be places for entertaining videos, I don’t see v2 taking over YouTube’s place on the internet

Lots of creators have got issues with YouTube at the moment, so if there would be something similar to YouTube with adsense for example, the creators would move to this new platform and would most likely take their viewers with them.

However, that would take away the magic of v2.

v2 is totaly different platform from youtube.i dont think it could be

V2 may not replace youtube but it’ll be an amazing hub to bring great videos and creativity towards.

Looking at a Youtube perspective, creators have mainly been attracted to the monetary side. Since we now have the inception of V2, hopefully people will enjoy creating content for the enjoyment of it, rather than strictly just for the monetization side of it.

Youtube (and google in general) is too big to be replaced at this point. If anything V2 will revolutionize the way content creators interact with staff and other sites will follow

I don’t believe it will be replacing youtube but I think V2 will possibly be a rival of youtube.

I honestly think that V2 no matter how big it becomes , cannot overtake YT as YouTube has been built over

Such a long period of timeme and is back by Google, one of the richest companies in the world…