Youtube music videos

have you ever just watched one music video on youtube then spiralled into a video watching frenzy?

It might not have been music videos in general. But I watch one video and somehow spend my entire day watchig videos about the most random things.

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like what?

All the time

Some comedy . Top 10 thing style videos. Some music. All sorts of stuff. But ends up to like conspiracy theory stuff😂

All the time, watching music then I end up watching a guy in a tutu showing me how to boil eggs

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YESSS especially Taylor Swift’s old songs e.g you belong with me… I go into this big early 2000s watching frenzy once I watch her music vids!

whaaaat :joy::joy::joy:

Wtf same but wtf :joy::joy:

Yes. In the past I would spiral through Disney movie songs. You may judge me.

I’ve ended up on the weird side of YouTube so many times because of one music video :joy:

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My favorite music video is Houdini by Foster the People. OK Go has some really, really good ones too.