Your Topics, My Story || YIAY but on byte #3

Yesterday, I asked you to give me topics to make short narratives!
@arf once again has a very invigorating topic, cheese and how it has indirectly killed our collective moral consciousness. What in the actual fu-
We came so far. We had taken over countless planets, we had so many technological advancements. Life was perfect. Until cheese brought upon chaos. It was great at first, everyone was devouring it, until there was only one slice left. The world was still fine, fine until the location was leaked. Everyone and their grandma took to the fastest transportation devices to get it. They went insane, they killed, they attacked, and they hurt others, all for cheese. KJUN, the Korean company known for mass nuclear weapons decided it would be best to end the cheese wars, and now everyone is cowering in fear, because the explosion will happen any second now.
Ooh. I’ve got a good one. What’s a good poem you can make?


roses are red
violets are blue
i really suck at poetry
this is the best i can do


i smiled while reading dat :)))

roses are red
violets are blue
omae wa mou
(not mine but still v good and funny and good and funny and good)

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