Your thoughts?

I started this page to have some fun, I’ve been using my own edits so far and have luckily gathered a decent following. Been having fun so far and enjoy the videos I get tagged in.

I have a few questions:

-What is your favorite category to comb through besides the obvious funny one that we all love and enjoy?

-what is the criteria for the screenies category? Lol

-who’s content do you find yourself laughing out loud while watching?

I would love some feedback, and also suggestions on who to check out, there’s so much great content out there and don’t want to miss out :joy:


category- I like to watch comedy
criteria for screenies- ngl I don’t have a clue
content you laugh at- my own content @masonashurst (shameless plug) just sitting there wondering why the great profile that is BestByteOfTheYear hasn’t follow me yet. Na just joking around I would say @Shoyboy has the funniest. for real though ill be waiting for that follow :joy: :joy: :joy:


it worked. Thanks a lot :joy:


Sometimes a plug works lol

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the best saying in the world: if you don’t ask, you don’t get :handshake: :+1:

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