Your thoughts on rebyte groups

What are your thoughts on rebyte groups? Personally I think they are going to hurt byte in the long run. It turns byte into a monopoly where the rich get richer. To become popular on the app it’ll be more about who you know and who can rebyte your vids instead of the quality of content you make. Revine groups were part of the reason vine failed. Let’s not repeat history guys


Couldn’t agree with you more @Brandon1!


So you wanna rebyte 4 rebyte?

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I see where your coming from. It can be a clout chase thing real easy. Lele pons, king back, the logans took advantage of that to the max. Right now im in one just to meet people but its not to repost constant, cus that’s when low quality content begins to take over again and I dont think anyone wants that.

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Follow 4 follow rebyte 4 rebyte share 4 share. They all ask this so I click their profiles and look at their rebytes an see NONE. Then I look at your comments and you don’t reply to any of them. Stop asking for things and start creating, rebyting, using a 1.80 strategy in others comments and then do that everyday for 90 days straight. That’s how you become remembered and valued on social media platforms.
Big difference in being known as opposed to being remembered.


I feel that. Creating a community that will generally interact with you vs gaining some superficial number doesn’t seem that appealing to people. Lmao they literally put in their boi “road to 10k” forgetting that these are actual people watching their stuff.

They scare me so much. I can go right now and find so many threads about making Rebyte groups, but NONE OF THEM have a minimum requirement of quality or even genre. They exist to take advantage of the algorithm, and that is EXACTLY why vine died.

If the algorithm changes and all the things staff is planning doesn’t limit the influence of these “techniques”, it could make the app look really bad. Mediocre or even bad content getting popular and making people loose interest in Byte because “it’s just like vine at the end, when lele pons and jake paul where always popular making shitty content”