Your reaction to Dom Hofmann's cryptic v2 post?

I’m probably guessing there’s already a thread like that but… yeah

I have a question. What’s your reaction when Dom Hofmann posted a cryptic tweet related to v2? (I mean this)
I was like “Welp… looks like I’ll have to save up for a tablet when v2 comes out to the tablets then”


which tweet?

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ahhhhhh lol i was confused why everyone was freaking out at first and when I finally realized everyone else had already calmed down so I was the only one freaking out :joy:

Omg the moment I saw this I literally exploded and imploded simultaneously


I felt a burst of hope and excitement because I was so heartbroken when v*ne was no longer gonna be around… I had nice history & made really good friends there, but NOWW I can’t contain my JOY :smile::smile::smile:

I immediately lost my mind

Same for me, it was a painful experience :laughing:

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First I did not understand, Then I understood, And finally I get crazy hahaha

(Curse you 8 characters limit)

I saw it on Instagram while with friends and we flipped out cause we loved V*ne compilations!! :joy: