Your Own Channel

This is kind of a crazy idea, but hear me out. What if bog creators could make their own byte channels.

You wouldn’t find it on the home page obviously. You would have to look it up. Or you could find it on that persons profile. You would click on the three dots, and then click on something maybe called ‘Channels’. The persons channel or channels would be a little community, similar to bytes default channels. They would have their own rules, while obviously still having to follow bytes’ rules.

In order to make your own channel, you’d have to have a certain amount of stars. I like this idea, but I also know this idea is kinda crazy. Let me know what you think!


i’m assuming this is the route that byte will have long-term wise. (?) something like a reddit community; create, manage, and control channel/community. :slightly_smiling_face:

si, love the idea with “stars” being utilized!