**Your Opinion:** Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

Absolutely NO answer is wrong but it’s a question I’ve been throwing around in my head for awhile and want to hear different perspectives from people.

What do you guys think?


This is a pretty bold question wendys. Aren’t you suppose to ask us what would we like to order?


I think it connects us more easily making it look on paper that it makes us less alone, but the truth is that people still feel lonely with the increase of technology. You see people having fun in insta pics or snaps and you get a sense of fomo or jealousy. I think loneliness is different for everyone like I don’t feel lonely when I’m around people irl, but on the internet, I feel like there is a something that isn’t quite there. Idk imo I think it does make us more lonely cuz without tech, we would be forced to go and hang out with more people irl and those real connections you have in the real world, make you feel less alone.


So in my personal opinion, I believe that in some ways technology does make us more alone and in orders it pulls us and makes us closer to one another. For example, if you walk into a street in a city now you’ll see people on their phone walking around either talking or staring at their screen. 50 years ago, or even less, people were doing the same thing but reading the newspaper or just walking down the street alone. So while yeah, technology could make us seem more alone, we can be talking to people all the time. Another great example of this is the Byte Forums. While we all have friends, without the internet, we never would have met each other on this forum and I wouldn’t be giving an answer to this question. On the other hand, technology can isolate us. For example, I’m typing this whole thing right now on my phone alone in my bedroom, however, I know people are gonna read it and possibly connect to it. After I post this I’m going to text my girlfriend, who is at her house right now. I don’t feel like calling anyone or going places so technology allows me to communicate with people, even though I’m alone. So in a weird way technology connects us together but also isolated us.

Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

Tl;dr: technology connects us, even though it can isolate us.


Yeah overall it does, but it’s not changing. What’s equally worse is the distraction and lack of focus it creates


I think technology helps us keep in contact with people from far distances a lot better and also helps us make new friends meaning it makes us less lonely but at the same time it’s easier than ever to just pass on plans or not meet up face to face as much, I know without technology I’d be outside doing something everyday or I’d be bored out my mind but now I can say inside like half day and not get bored so depending on how you use it, it can do both

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Yes. When you see families out together they are all with eachother but are all logged into there phone. So even when you are close with someone even psychically technologically is the entertainment but not the people. But of course their are exceptions like in the world series, where 2 kids used technology but to translate and talk to eachother.


Technology can either make us feel more alone or more connected to others, it depends on how you use it and your mental health. My family lives thousands of miles away but I can stay connected with video chats every week which wasn’t possible just 20 years ago. But as Devyn mentioned above, I see people out with their friends or family and they spend most of their time looking at their phones instead of talking to each other. That would start to feel lonely over time. There needs to be a balance, everything in moderation.