"Your Mix" shouldn't show bytes that we've interacted with already

Your Mix could potentially be a great way to discover new bytes however, I think it would be way more effective if bytes we’ve interacted with before (liked/rebyted/commented), didn’t show up on there.


They’re working on the algorithm!

While sometimes it’s nice to see a funny byte you might’ve forgotten about, I’d agree :))


I agree and would really like this change.


Yeah i hope they change it too, dont really like seeing things i already liked. :sweat_smile:


It could be nice if they were collapsed somehow, just so that if you wanted to show somebody a byte you saw on your mix that you didn’t heart, you can still pull it up. I agree with the overall sentiment that seeing repeated content is less than ideal

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Has anything been done yet to change this? I dont see bytes that I’ve liked or commented on in my “your mix” section but i do see bytes that I’ve already seen but just didnt like or comment. Also I’d prefer not see as many bytes from people I already follow or at least only ones I’ve never seen before.