Your Mix Manual Calibration (Or A "Mute" Button) Request

Hey y’all - my guess is that this is something a fair number of people have thought about, but haven’t asked for either because it wasn’t that pressing or because it kinda feels like it goes against the intensely welcoming vibe the community has (which don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing it, this is a rare and beautiful thing to have on the internet).

There’s some people’s content, that I personally don’t find appealing (hence I don’t follow them) - or it’s content kinda cool, but not at 15 new videos a day - all of which show up still in the Your Mix section.

I really love the Your Mix section - it helps me find new creators to enjoy, or see interesting things that I wouldn’t ordinarily see (and don’t necessarily want to follow).

However, currently there’s no way to tell it “I’d like to see less of this content” or “I don’t want to see this content at all” - or conversely “I like this content, show me more” (aside from engaging with those bytes).

The only way to manually adjust the Your Mix section is by blocking people - which is not what blocking (in my opinion) is meant for. It should be reserved for if you have beef with someone and want to pretend they don’t exist, or someone is continually harassing you and you need some way to slow it down.

Personally, I have a no-block policy online. If I don’t like content or a person, I just ignore it. If content becomes spammy, I can just unfollow someone, or I can say “mute this person” on other platforms.

Admittedly though, there was some content I was seeing so much, that I did enact this workaround twice - which I very much disliked having to do (and as soon as a better mechanism exists, I’ll undo it).

Note: This isn’t meant to be a rag on those creators (their content was well done, just not the kind of thing I’m interested in) - or to diss on the Your Mix section, I know it’s continually being improved and even in it’s current state is pretty incredible.


A mute option like twitter feature, pros & cons to this but I would like this feature will help out a lot.

I also want a restrict option like Insta has!


I think I could be on board with making an option for a private account, but I don’t think I can get behind a restrict option based on what I’ve read of it.

But yes, I agree a mute feature like Twitter is a good and quick solution to this issue.


but i don’t want to mute people :pleading_face:

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@Stonks That’s why it’s a button - if you don’t want to press it, you don’t have to

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I would love this! Sometimes I don’t want to see more content by a user, but that doesn’t mean I want to block them! I just want to help the algorithm tailor my feed to my own tastes.

+10 to this idea


@LittleDewDroplets Exactly how I feel! Glad to know I’m not the only one!

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