Your future

So, we all want to make videos on V2, but what is your Major Goal for future?

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My BIG goal is the biggest and most followed user, but that’s a crazy goal. My main focus is to reach 1 Million followers or loops

Hey, we already have threads that talk about this; so to avoid duplicate or spammy posts, why don’t you join those and share your thoughts? Thanks :blush:


I want to be a video game designer! Making strides toward it but I’m stil a long ways way!

I wanna be a great actor and have a good time in V2

My goal would be to create some of the best edits on v2. I love creating edits of tv shows and youtubers, and I know that there’s a large community of people who love watching them. My goal would be to express my love for these through my edits

My goal is to honestly become a singer and entertain people all around the world with my music and with my weird, funny self :smiley: