YOUR Embarrassing Moment?

I poop my pants in my class when i was 8 or 9 i guess …cause my math teacher look terrifying… :unamused::relieved::joy:

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Hey there are some topics like this one such as:

But I’m gunna answer cuz this is hella embarrassing. I once told a girl that I just met that I loved her on VC on discord lol i wanted to d i e


That’s an old topic, april 2018 . But i also wanna say I’m sorry hehe … :sweat_smile:

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I fell on a treadmill and hit the wall during gym class when I was in 8th grade. The whole class was staring at me :cry::cry: My knees were bleeding but I was way too emarbased to feel the pain. I didn’t go to school for like 2-3 days. I still get embarrassed thinking about it :sob::sob: