Your Christmas Tree

Just out of curiosity, if you put up a Christmas Tree each year, is it a real tree or an artificial tree? Vote below (just wondering)!

  • Real Tree
  • Artificial Tree

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My tree a real one👌

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bruh you damn well better post it up on my thread before it’s too late… Countdown to Christmas! 🎄

same for you @jaydel :unamused::roll_eyes:

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i love smelling the pine from the tree. although, the pine needles are a pain to clean up !

How do u even have room for a real tree lol

never put on a tree tho i want to…if i did i’d def go with a small real one…or a big artificial one

my tree is awful :frowning:

I haven’t even put up my Christmas tree up yet oops :eyes::eyes: