Your biggest Byte fail (so far..)

If you’re like me, this app has definitely been an eye-opening learning experience. We’ve all stumbled. I want to hear from you! What’s been your biggest Byte fails so far? For me…

I had this whole skit planned out that involved a burning trash can…indoors. I set a piece of paper on fire and momentarily set off the fire alarm. When our janitor came in asking what was going on, she found me sweeping up ash and saying I tried lighting a candle. And it wasn’t even worth it. It was the worst video I’ve ever made and I ended up never using it.

Another time I was in a grocery store filming myself…talking to myself. This was the day before the Super Bowl and the place was PACKED. I freaked out quite a few people waiting in line for checkout.

What about you? An awkward situation? An entire afternoon wasted on a skit that just doesn’t work? Let’s share in the misery! Surely someone has been as stupid as me…right?




I’m still not totally comfortable talking in public to myself, so I definitely gotta give it to you for that. Mine was a video where I was pretending to park bad and didn’t realize that another guy getting his mail was watching me “fail” to park for like 5 minutes.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

That’s amazing.


So far, it has to be whenever I’m making a Byte and a friend asks “what are you doing?”. And I’m just paralyzed with anxiety of telling them I do semi-comedic skits online :joy:.


Just say you’re doin’ it for the Byte!

But yeah, I totally get that too.


lol So I was at barnes & noble, and I was filming a byte where I got super hyped for a Ryan Toys Review book about diy pizza for something. One of the ladies at the counter saw me getting hyped and staring at my phone running awkwardly through the shop, so i quickly barrel rolled out into safety behind a bookshelf where i would no longer be seen. As I left while they closed up, I energetically asked one of the people working there if they liked Vine and they said no super awkwardly. And then I asked if they were interested in learning about it and they completely shut me down ahahaaa… yeah so basically it was terrible but worth it because I feel like eventually I’ll meet somebody whose day is made by that, a random customer having more personality than just a consumer-worker style basis. so basically I’m banned from Barnes & Noble or something uhhhh :flushed:


HAHAHAHA!!! I remember that Byte!! That was hilarious! Well worth it, if you ask me. M son is Ryan obsessed. It made both of our day!

I remember hearing people yelling “DO IT FOR THE VINE!” before it blew up, and I thought they were nuts. Now…I wish I had done it for the Vine.


I sit in the same slot for hours trying to re record the same video just sometimes speeding up certain words or switching the beat just to make the cut off time as well as wanting to make sure it actually sounds good! My family thinks I’m weird for repeating myself over and over :joy:little do they know :yum::face_with_hand_over_mouth::notes: follow me on Byte @rommie for singing content! Btw @Jaurshe how do you pronounce your username?!


LOL @rommie someone asked me that earlier today. Imagine if Goofy said “Josh,” kinda like his trademark “Garshe!” instead of “gosh.” So…kinda like “JAW-rshe”

It’s how my extremely southern Grandmother said my name growing up.

And I can absolutely relate to repeating yourself! I filmed part of a Byte at a gas pump earlier tonight (to post tomorrow) and was frantically trying to say the line before anyone came near me.


OMG IM GONNA MAKE YOUR JINGLE GOOFY RELATED NOW OMG IM EXCITED :laughing: haha ya it’s constant repetitiveness but it’s fun :slight_smile:


LOL! Oh man - can’t wait!


Getting 4.5k for the first time and having the next video be personal and flop


Well I have 2 pretty big fails so far…
I was working on a byte which took up a lot of time and effort (involved me dragging myself across the floor), however, I was recording it using byte and byte didn’t allow me to upload the video (the app got stuck). To this day it was the byte I spent most time and effort on, just for it to disappear like that (I really can’t wait for byte to implement drafts).
My other fail was not realising that you can post your bytes to specific categories (after 5 days of posting bytes).


Oh man, that is a gut punch for sure - but that’s happened to almost ALL of the top posters!


That happened to me yesterday!!! I was so proud of it too!


it really sucks :confused: but at least I learnt not to work on bigger projects directly from the app until they implement drafts


Thank you so much! I’m happy someone really enjoyed it. Feels more worth it now :grin::grin:


i can relate to that :joy:

I also failed at realizing categories existed! I posted my first byte and was so confused that it wasn’t getting any loops at all–and then realized that I never posted it to the channel I wanted it in. Had to delete and reupload after being confused for a day. :rofl:


Not on the level as some that has been said so far, but sometimes we’ll use snapchat or instagram for filters. One byte we did we used a specific filter on IG to give it a moody effect, though on one of the scenes I forgot to save that clip. When I went to edit it I realized I didn’t have all the clips, so we tried refilming that one scene, but I couldn’t for the life of my locate that filter anymore. So we had to refilm the entire thing in a new filter just because I couldn’t find a filter for a scene that only lasted 0.5 seconds in the byte.