YouClap: new social media app releasing soon!

Hey everyone, I just found this app today and I thought that I should share it with you all.
I know it´s not like vine but it´s a different type of app I never saw before and I think it’s a very cool idea that have a lot of potencial.
The only “problem” I see is that it will be released in 3 days and don’t have that much followers in their socials so it would be cool if you all could join it and test it with me so we could have a better experience.

I’ll leave their website here:

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sure why not.

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*changed topic to #youtube-vine-instagram-etc *


I’d actually check this out! Looks cool and the UI looks interesting as well (:

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It looks cool. I’ll try this out for sure

Looks like it has potential to be a fun, niche thing… or go horribly wrong. I’ll try it and decide after it grows a little!