You should see Eighth Grade it's a movie about you

Bo Burnham made a movie, did you see it? You should it’s very good and truthful and cruel and soft and funny and sad and stuff.
It’s about a girl making content that no one is watching. (wink wink it’s you)
No but for real tho, never seen a film tackle social anxiety in that way, very cool!


woah will deffo have to watch this! looks great.
and the fact that Orinoco Flow by Enya was used drew me in😂

thanks for sharing!

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I’m from France & I’ve heard of it, I thought it was a sucessful movie in the us? it got nomination & studd do you guys don’t follow bo burnham?

I want to watch it, saw the trailer long ago and liked it but suddenly forgot about it :upside_down_face:

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I saw the name in theaters around me, but I don’t really watch BB so I wouldn’t really know what the humor is like and all.

i’m from london and i never heard about it

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Eighth Grade is very different from that, he only comes out with something new every 3 years so it’s very different each time!
He said it’s better if you watch it without knowing him, he isn’t even in the movie, he just wrote & directed it.
But you can watch one of his special on youtube for free, cause he’s a child of the internet & wanted to give back! (he wanted to push people to publish more quality long form content by posting his special he worked 3 years on for free but people just thought that he was leaking his own show lmao)