You like weird sh*t? my channels pretty weird

Its also pretty lit tho.
I play games and junk but my levels of weirdness just make the video something special yknow
I move around alot too (for once my adhd is bein useful :expressionless: )
like i cant sit tf down i cant stop sayin dumb yet oddly amusing stuff and i definitely cant stop making videos thats a given (its too much fun :sweat_smile: )
I upload monday wednesday and friday but extra info is just gonna play when you check out the channel so go check out Profan1ty
i bet money its not gonna be a waste of time :grin:


subscribed! and yes weird content is always great

Thanks nice to see others who like weird sh*t like me :ok_hand:


Weird shit? I like very much

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Subbed :))

Then join us

Why you say it’s shit? Change your mind bro

Wow can’t wait to check it out!

No no im not sayin its shit i just curse alot (hence the name) also thank you in advance to anyone who even checks the channel out

Cool bro!!!