You guys really have to play HQ

I started playing HQ last week and it’s been super fun, it’s basically if you answer 12 multiple choice questions right then you get a piece of the prize for the night! I think it’s been mentioned here but I can’t find the topic :frowning:️Play with your friends and family to make it more interesting too :joy:

If you do get it you can help me out and use the referral code when signing up: washingm
You can get extra lives and stay in the game :wink:


@niick have you won yet

I haven’t but I play because I’m low-key addicted to the game it’s fun

Its a online game or i have to download?

My friend and I are obsessed lmao. Still haven’t won after like three months lmao :joy:

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It crashes WAY too much.

I need to try this :joy:

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Cool, I’ll have to check it out

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It’s an app on your phone not sure it’s on android also but it may be in beta mode

Happens to me too sometimes :frowning:

One day you’ll get it :grin:

I plated it’s a scam to get AD Revenue

I started playing HQ since December of 2017.

I’m addicted to HQ :smiley:

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It seems like people actually get their money, I doubt its a scam, can’t say the same for cashshow, the ripoff HQ