You asked, I delivered

Ok so a couple weeks ago I asked some of you guys if I should make a TikTok. Well ladies and gentle men, I’ve done it.
Enjoy (btw it’s a joke chill I’m still loyal to byte)


oh no…

:smirk::wink: yessir

nooooo! Byte is the answer not tiktok

Don’t worry I’m still doing Byte. Doing TikTok as a joke.

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I’ve been doing tik tok as a joke aswell :laughing: nothing serious on there at all besides some of the vines I’ve made in the past

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He need some milk!

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I already drink a ton of milk. Specifically whole milk.

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“…my new year’s resolution is to drink more milk.” :joy::joy::joy:

I did not ask for this delivery send it back