You already have ideas....why wait for V2?

There are so many popular platforms, already available today, where you can post content (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, etc)… so why are you waiting for V2? or are you just excited to watch V2 content?

Personally, I have been saving my ideas for V2 because I have high hopes that this app will be something special. With @dom creating this community forum, he is really showing all of us how he and his team are taking the extra effort to understand what the community wants for this new app.

The ease of use Vine had was just amazing. In my opinion, the shooting, editing, posting, and discovering new talented individuals on the platform blew the competition out of the water.

V2 is going to do the same.


I’m ready to see the new ideas that everyone will have. And in my opinion i think that it’ll be more exciting to have a new platform for people to express themselves


I do not think I want to post the same content on V2 that I do on IG, just my opinion

I want everything I post on v2 to be new content, I feel like I would enjoy it more.

I like V2 because is very different from the rest is unique and a original app, and i miss my viners days

Well the content I’m planning to make is specifically for v2 (6 sec) so that’s why. I use that vine camera to make sure it all fits

I don’t plan on posting before hand because the hype will provide new creators with a launch pad, instead of stagnation like we have today on other platforms

Different platforms call for different content as far as I see it, and I think the vibe of V2 as I’m hypothesizing it will allow for an audience in search of quick funny things. Having an audience in that mood makes it easier to get a laugh as well which can shake things up!

I’m waiting for the app!

Youtube is huge. So much content is uploaded to it every minute its almost impossible to make it big as a new Youtuber now unless you already have a following. V2 will be a clean slate and if you are one of the first ones on, your chances of getting noticed are higher.


Because it’s harder to get noticed on Youtube, IG, FB, etc. than on vxne.

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Because I like that it loops. :slight_smile: And I like the interface way more than Insta, Facebook, YouTube.

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Because I feel as if the v2 community is really welcoming and there are strict policies so it’s gonna be more cyber safe?

Good question. Instagram is not Vine. Instagram is where I put my better photos (and the rare video clip). The platform has a different mood and quite frankly I don’t like it very much. It is somewhat interesting if you’re a photographer, but it is not a playground.

Vine was a lot of things: armchair travel, documentary, video art, cultural history etc. Vine just felt like a friendly place. And it’s positively modern - do I really want to watch a 15 minute video of somebody’s helmet-mounted action camera? 6 seconds is enough. It made YouTube look flat-footed and old-fashioned. Of course I’m being simplistic but you get the point.

Since my other social media accounts are all private, Im waiting for V2 to really put myself out there!

I jus like the out of context element that can be shown in a 7 second video