You all have given me so much. thank you

on march 22 2019 my life changed so much more than i ever thought it could. at that point in time i had left my house under 10 times since i moved to north carolina about two/three years prior. i had dropped out of high school, then college, then online college. i did not talk to anyone other than my mom and her friends when they would come over, and she rarely had people over because it would give me panic attacks. i watched so much netflix and hulu, i knew all the shows on tv and all the top posts from reddit. so in short i was a little on the lonely side. but then i remembered that a few months previous there had been some hype for a new vine app and i was cerouis what was going on with that, so i looked it up. the first link took me to the forums where the top post was a link to the discord. i made an account and started asking who in the server had beta lol. eventually i figured out how to join voice chat and from there my life has been a blur. i have met so many amazing people who encourage me every day to work towards my dreams whatever form they take. 2020 was not a good year for me but my friends were there for me when my dad got cancer and i had to go back to his and my stepmoms house to help out, they listened to me when my stepmom … well, lets leave that part out of this. the biggest thing this group did for me was give me hope. i never thought i would or could have a future let alone a future making content. i am proud to say i have several fans that get excited when i stream. something i never would have had the confidence to do before byte. the app itself made me see that i can make videos that people like and want to watch(sorry to morts canned food review fans, i have not yet learned how to edit videos on time). through all the meetups and drama we have grown so close. even if we someday end up parting ways i could never forget you all. the impact you have made on my life can not be overstated. i really love all of you and all you have done for me. and @dom thank you, without you i dont think i would be here. even in the absence of the forums this community and all that it has created will live on. ok, i would like to stop crying now so i am going to stop typing. :slight_smile: thank you dear forums.

goodbye, farewell, and amen



gosh now u unlocking memories of me coming out of college and seeing you and cark always in vc lol playing minecraft or something lol

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