Yo, how about, we don't kill each other over oveo?

I see real nasty comments, bullying people who like oveo, calling the oveo boys. They’re just trying to share their opinion, stop hating them! Plus, i know oveo has its own form and “v2 form is ONLY FOR V2” but guess what, were not seeing v2 anytime soon. Dom said it himself, we should probably go and try other apps. So instead if being the v2 form, were kinda now a “hey, let us check out your apps and we’ll give you feedback” form. Point is, stop hating on people that like oevo, and stop making this form a warzone of hatred.


@TomWho This is basically what I was trying to say, I don’t know you as a person but your posts are awfully aggressive.


This doesn’t change the fact this is the v2 forum. Simply because the app has been delayed doesn’t mean this forum should be used strictly to promote other apps. There’s nothing wrong with continuing to discuss features and ideas for v2 now. As for Tom, he has simply noticed the issue about OEVO on this forum and has not wanted to ignore it.


Let me recall a bit of history for you.

The fake V2 apps that starting popping up months ago were roundly disliked by the community here and Dom.


OEVO followed shortly with their app and claimed it was V2 and Vine 2 and were actively trashing V2 on Twitter at the same time:


So as you can see, all of these “fake V2” apps, including OEVO, were not at all loved here for a long time. There are lots of other threads that prove this. Then Dom made the announcement that V2 was postponed, and OEVO continued their nastiness by sending this out to their small user base (originally posted by @Parkachu):


Shady as all hell! Shortly after this, a small group of people emerged here on the forum who started instigating arguments with some people who continued to express their dislike for that app and the developers.









The justification was that OEVO apologized, so we should ALL forgive them and stop disliking their app. Well, that’s nice, but not all of us are willing to forget what they did or to overlook how badly designed their app is. It’s easy to issue a fake apology after trashing V2 and the community for months. The damage was done by then. “Oops, sorry about that! We love you now that the V2 app is gone forever!”

So I have to respectfully disagree with you. They are not just trying to share their opinions about the app, they seem to only come here and post when they want to jump on someone who’s shared an opinion about Oevo they don’t like. I don’t care if anyone wants to defend that app and express their love for it, but don’t claim that expressing an opinion about that app that isn’t all rainbows and unicorns means you’re being a bully, rude, nasty, aggressive and toxic.

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a lovely day. :rainbow: :unicorn:

See you're focusing mainly on oevo, what I'm trying to convey is that v2 is effectively dead.

We gotta accept that, and even if it comes back, that could be years from now. Because v2 is gone, we have to stay open minded, and try new things, one of which is oevo.

  You also got the misunderstanding that i like oevo. I calling to the attention that normal people, who have been with us for a while, now like oevo, and we should stop treating them like shit. 

This is having an overall negative effect on the form, which is being futhered by negative comments, which i must say, it looks like you have said lots of. War is never supieor to peace.

Thank you for reading, i hope you understand this line is passive aggressive :rainbow::unicorn:


I don’t understand this constant perpetuation of this topic.

Please use the search tool before creating a new topic.
Here are a couple similar topics.

Oevo on the forums

On another note, if we’re talking about oevo and their reputation here @TomWho really said it best. There’s a reason why many aren’t supportive of that application. Notice that other apps are discussed with no problem. One app even has their employee networking on the v2 forum and there is absolutely no negativity or problems surrounding them.

and to reiterate, as @TheKingHusker said, just because V2 has been postponed does not mean thia forum ceases to be a V2 forum.


Quoting my posts without any context is kind of a dick move dude. Just saying. For the record, you seem to want it both ways. You create posts talking about how the positivity is gone from the forums but then you create posts labelling people that use OEVO it as ‘OEVO BROS’ and try to bully anyone that uses it of the forums. If you don’t want to read about OEVO threads then DON’T! No one is forcing you to read the threads about it. Just let people do what they want on the forums as long as they obey @dom’s guidelines.

100% agree with @Loki its great if people talk about other apps on here as we are a community.

P.S ( I don’t agree with how @UgliestTv uses the forums at times but he does have a point)


If you want to see your posts in context, all you have to do is click on the subject, and VOILA!, there’s the whole thread it was taken from. And I encourage everyone to have a look at the whole thread, it just makes you look worse, not better.

The only “dick move” I see is you popping in here to call people all kinds of names. I criticize an app, you engage in ad-hominen attacks in response as though I’ve insulted your mother. I knew you’d respond to my post, you always do, and always with the same nonsense, just as I described in my post above.

You come here berating people using inflammatory language, then start acting like the victim as soon as someone challenges and stands up to you. Then when you get called out, you deflect by accusing others of doing exactly what you are doing.

I’ve encountered people like you all my life. As a gay boy I was bullied and harassed while growing up, I know a bully when I see one.

Perhaps you should take your own advice. No one is forcing you to read and reply to all of my posts here about OEVO as you always do, every. single. time.

With all due respect @TomWho. Playing the ‘gay card’ to try and call @LukeGonsalves a bully is deplorable. You do A LOT more than critize the app. You constantly degrade people and ask for them to leave the forums if they make posts about OEVO! You aren’t just criticizing the app anymore. Stop acting like your better than people and that OEVO users are ‘beneath you.’ Just because you were bullied by D*** Heads as a boy doesn’t mean you can hide behind that and use it as a way to deflect from accusations. @Loki made this thread directly as a result of you and others bullying, harassing and calling people “OEVO BROS” and other names which I won’t mention. #toxic #tomwho


all this fighting over oevo is really old.

yuser is the more appealing app anyways if we’re being completely honest :man_shrugging:


Your posts above??? Half of those aren’t even responding to you. Like I said, quoting me without context is a dick move and if you click on those topics a lot of posts from various people have been withdrawn or flagged. I have nothing against gay people and I have never been a bully in my life. If you feel that my posts hurt you then I’m sorry. For the record i’m completely over all this fighting and arguing…



absolutely agreed! I’m very excited for Yuser to come out and I’m ready for this stage to be behind us lmfao

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@playboi @nogud 100% agree Yuser is actually pretty good I love it! Its better than OEVO right now I think.

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@MattFogarty thread lock please.

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So now they’re coming to my YouTube channel and down-voting my videos because I don’t like OEVO. Pathetic.


Oh my gosh. That’s the worst! So sorry Tom. I know what it’s like to be unfairly targeted on YouTube for a different reason.

That is straight trash. I wish you didn’t have to do deal with that. They are so transparent and I really can’t wait for that crap to end.

It’s one thing to like an app, it’s another thing to hate on people who don’t like it and harass them. Crazy people.

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Yuser beta early June :hugs:

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Agreed! Seriously so sad but I’m not surprised. Given their previous actions and reputation, I’d expect nothing less. Tom really shouldn’t be dealing with that

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