Yeah I'm. Comments buggy

Yeah so I can reply to comments but if I reply to a reply on those comments a new thread is created. If I reply to myself on the reply thread it works fine. Also editing comments erases all of the replies the comment got. Android 10 redmi note 7

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I have actually noticed some major glitches regarding comments on the app. Like at a point it just completely erased the comment, quite similar to what you experienced. I just hope they fix all these common glitches soon. The new thread opening up is also super annoying.

They’re usually pretty fast but there’s like a whole visual overhaul to the app coming so I think they’re very occupied

Ohh that’s going to be pretty dope then. Makes sense, also the fact that they have a smaller team is going to take them longer.

Specially on Android :joy_cat: were always last :pensive:

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