Ye is king!

Kanye West is the ultimate king!

And idgaf what negative things you have to say about it!

If you like Kanye, we fam but if not, it’s ok too bc it’s your opinion like this post is coming out of my brain with all the good intentions and shit


I like the song where he goes like “scoop the poop”


I love it!

Many people just think that he is crazy or I don’t know … but he’s an artist. And artists create whatever they wanna create.

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i mean if you say so, man. i never agreed with him as a person, but as an artist i respected him and liked him.

especially 808s & heartbreak and my beautiful dark twisted fantasy. two of his best albums. the life of pablo was good asf too. i worked out to it.

not so much anymore, tbh. i was excited for new music too. real disappointed.


I agree. Musician Kanye gets my respect most definitely… but as a person he’s a little odd, and backwards… but it’s whatever


yeah. a real waste.

especially recently when he exposed himself.


He especially killed a huge part of his career because he openly supports trump and trump is kind of a monster to the back community IN MOST CASES… I personally don’t hate him because of the fact that he supports Donald trump but it doesn’t make me like him…


fully agree with you. kanye may say he doesn’t support everything his ‘brother’ does, but he’s still supporting him, and that’s no good. i don’t hate kanye for supporting trump either, i’m just severely disappointed.


Oohhh I agree with that on a spiritual level :point_up:t3::point_up:t3:


“Meh” that’s my opinion towards him


Idk heartless was a great song

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Honestly, I don’t know how I feel about Kanye. He’s very inspirational. But his music isn’t the best. So I don’t know lol.

(Remember guys this is my opinion so don’t hate me for it if you don’t agree with me! :laughing:)

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He would make a good therapist ngl

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There was nothing exposed

It’s art

His Twitter feed is therapy.

For me at least. I really understand what he says because I’m an intellectual. Now I’m not saying that I’m smart asf, but I am philosophical thou.

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I’m listen to Homecoming since yesterday. Literally the only song I’ve listened to in the last 24 hours

At least y’all have your own opinions. And not just follow the flow…(at least i hope so)

Ye said in his interview that was released like literally 2 hours ago that he’s always creating his own flow. Never follows a flow and I’m doing the same