Yalls i need help

ok ok

so basically my friends r talking about this new group of people doxxing and hacking, etc for not doing challenges, kind alike the blue whale challenge. they’re joking about it like “what they gonna do come o my house and kill me” and i ound it pretty insensitive considering i have been kinda doxxed in the past, my info got hacked into, etc. i avoid talking ab it bcs its embarrassing bcs i responded to some dumb ig message like 3 yrs ago. anyways i tell them to stop and theyre like “self deprecating humour” “i cope with humour” and that si completely fine. the topic has stopped now but like what do i do if this happens again in the future bcs it happens quite often.


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The Blue Whale challenge is something extremely dark and illegal in most places. So thats a big yikes but if you know or think they are doing some of the challenges in it you should tell them how wrong it is and try the Pink Whale Challenge instead. Id say keep an eye out for your friends but yeah that challenge isnt something that should be joked about at all especially being hacked for it.

Im not sure how it all entirely works when it comes to hacking but you can be arrested for doing that challenge and it most likely is under cyber bullying laws/cyber crime so talking to your parents or theirs to make a report to police about that is an option too if its really eeirenand worrying. (I know thats a really awkward conversation to have with them but id you need to have it, have it) :heart: