Y’all making loops ahead of time?

i’ve made 26 videos so far and i am just absolutely ITCHING to share them


I’ve made a couple, but they’re bad quality. I hope i get a new phone with a better camera before V2 comes out.

I’d love to preview some of them

P.S. What software are you using to make your videos? Or are you just using your camera?

i said i was itching to share them, not that i WOULD

i use vegas pro 13 & videoshop

I have some ideas written down but have not recorded them.

I just want to drop this link here, :blep::heh:

Not yet, iam waiting some new informations about the beta

just curious, are the videos of you only or are other people also involved in your videos? I don’t know if i should get someone to colab with me, or just get a wig because i don’t think my friends want to join v2 lol

i get my friends involved and feature them a lot; i think people enjoy seeing fresh faces and interactions. half of all of them are me pretending to be multiple people, though.

(UPDATE: it’s been a month since the OP and I’ve made 100+ loops now! almost halfway to my goal :O)

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same here…waiting on more infoo

Same. Im waiting until i save up for an iphone…

How many videos are you in now? @reblocka Let’s collab. I’m making some ahead of time too…

I’ve made 2, I need to up my game :laughing:

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Hopefully, we can get one soon since the app is scheduled for release Summer.