Xbox vs PS4

idk i’d prolly like xbox more if i knew how to use it… :joy:

Hahaha, jumm it’s like the same idk haha

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I love both tbh, but I use ps4 way more

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PS4 Is pretty amazing.

Xbox (8 char)

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Both for me

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PC - just my opinion

It’s a cool one tho, i used to play there but now idk like I just forgot all

PC :japanese_ogre:

Out of the two I’d say Xbox though, the controller is so nice. I’m a big Nintendo fan too though so switch and GameCube are both real good


Oww I feel you!! Xbox controller is very comfortable

X box all the way - tbh I know it’s not current and kinda meant for kids but I love Wii s

Oww yess! Xbox all the way… btw yeahh haha wii is the best idk I like it is very nice

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PS has always been my favourite, played on every console :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Always been a PC gamer, but all my friends have PS4 so I play PS4 with them

Nice, what do you play on the pc

Hahaha ilove xbox more tho but i have both :neutral_face:

Mainly just gmod :laughing: spent loads building a PC as well

Think its the controller for the xbox that freaks me out hahaha

xbox, i wish i had any ps but im grateful

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Ohhh i see haha