WWDC 2020 Summary

So we all know the main WWDC 2020 happened today in an all new event format. Here is what was announced.

iOS 14
The new Widgets show all of your information at a glance allowing easy access to info like batteries and weather. In addition to Widgets the App Library was launched organizing your apps into easily accessible folders as well as a list view. Picture In Picture was brought to the iPhone today allowing you to watch movies, TV shows, and FaceTime calls while multitasking. It has also introduced the ability to choose default apps. Siri has been redesigned from the ground up not taking the whole screen. So has the Incoming Call dialogue. iMessages has gotten an update allowing you to pin messages as well as mention people. It has also added threaded replies so people know who you are replying to. App Clips is a new feature that allows you to install parts of an app to try it out. And privacy has taken more of a focus in this release showing a new indicator when an app is using your mic.

iPadOS 14
The iPad hasn’t gotten many new exclusive features other than a brand new sidebar that makes the OS easier to navigate. It has also gotten new Apple Pencil features like Scribble which allows you to write in a text box with the pencil and it converts into standard text.

This year was a big year for Mac. It introduced the transition to an Apple made chip similar to the ones in the iPhone and iPad. They will slowly begin to transition away from Intel like they did PowerPC. They also upgraded macOS to version 11. macOS Big Sur is a redesigned OS taking cues from iOS. It has all new stock icons and is ready for ARM MacBooks.

AirPods Pro have gotten a new update which allows it to have Spatial Audio.

CarPlay has gotten a significant update allowing wallpapers on the home screen as well as new APIs. It also has a new feature called CarKey coming to the 2020 BMW 5 Series, it allows you to unlock your car using the NFC in your iPhone.

watchOS 7
watchOS 7 has a new feature where you can share your watch faces. You can download them from the internet or a friend. It also has new Cycling directions which is coming to all platforms soon. It will detect if you are washing your hands and begin a timer to keep washing them until they are completely clean.

tvOS 14
Finally comes tvOS. There is not much news on this other than the multi user support for games and a new Apple TV+ original Foundation

That was all the news from the main WWDC keynote lol.


Wow. Thanks for the summary. macOS gets updated so frequently :laughing: