Wth is happening to my life rn lol (warning; venting) Pt. 1?

Its so weird for me, I am finding things and doing things that are making me happy, but i made many mistakes along the way (I am in trouble rn), I am both happy, sad, mad, but mostly happy. When I found the one big thing that made me happy, it gave me more anxiety, both good and bad. Before I found him, I was an absolute mess, where I had only bad anxiety, I couldn’t sleep, and I just generally didn’t feel happy, like as if was in a deep lonely hole. Plus to top it all off, I am only 14, like, what? I don’t feel like I should be, or should have been feeling like. That.

It sucked, it still sucks, well, less now.

I forgot what else I was going to type so I will either create a new topic or edit/reply to this one for an update.

(Edit) The feeling of anxiety, I believe, will always be there, some days I have close to none, some days it lasts the entire day. Like Logic says, Anxiety is here “to make you appreciate the moments ‘I’m’ not around” And I do, because those moments where my anxiety isn’t around, I feel happy, grateful, and almost “ecstatic” in a way. I love feeling that way, but Logic also talks about having an anxiety attack/panic attack.

Woosh slight topic change

I’ve never had a big panic attack, only small ones, and they are rare. When they do happen, I always feel like my stomach just is dying, like I am dying, sort of. Its a terrible feeling, and the worst part about is that I don’t think I talk about having anxiety or my slight panic attacks enough. I have talked about it kind of slightly with my mother and my step-father, but I don’t think I have ever talked about it with my own father.

More later…


Lock on to the happiness and don’t let go :+1:


Panic attacks and anxiety suck. Try to get into a good place but if you do ever feel it getting worse again then id recommend askin your parents to see a doctor about it. Cause your mental state really is important.

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Hi so I actually have no advice for you, as I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve never had to manage significant anxiety, or ‘anxiety’ in a clinical sense. So I won’t give you actual advice due to that.

BUT I want to let you know that you are seen and you are heard and just to acknowledge you and acknowledge what you’re going through so that you don’t feel like you’re screaming into an abyss with no one answering. We see you and we hear you!