Would you let the fame get to you if you became famous?

I think we all hope we dont let fame get the best of us we’ve got a little ego on us


When you have dozens of fans approaching you wanting to you sign your autograph while you’re just out for a walk I could see that be a little annoying. We’ll see though.


Id still do it though :joy:

Well I appreciate the honesty.

I feel ya to an extent but I Wouldn’t mind the attention to an extent until people start harassing me everyday for an autograph

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Never thought a hamster would say that, but I appreciate that you would stay humble no matter what

At the end of the day I think fame just enhances who you are. If you we’re a jerk back then it probably won’t change when you get the fame

Totally I’ll be better than everyone

That’s the goal!

Lol I hope not

I mean, from a realistic perspective. No one can tell for sure if they would change due to fame or not. we could only know when it happens. we could have our hypothesis but those could be wrong as people change drastically over time especially when money and fame is involved.

Well I definitely appreciate the honesty. Lot of people say no till they get there

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You’re putting in the work so I know you can do it

We all hope but wont know till we get there

Especially when money is involved, it can definitely change people but more importantly expose people for who they really are both bad and good.

No if i want the fame to sustain i would always be grounded and humble…letting it get to me would only lead to a bad end.


I totally relate

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I think age also plays a role in this as well. If you become famous before you even finish high school, its only natural as a young person to have your ego take the best of you when you’re that young.

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In that case that person must have positive and caring people around them either parents or guardians who do not let that happen…

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I don’t know what it’s like with celebrity news in India, but in the USA people like their dramas and ego boosting for better and for worse