Would you let the fame get to you if you became famous?

No sir! Not doing it for the fame doing it for a positive impact !


i will never believe im ‘famous’ even if i get popular, bc i have rock bottom self esteem lmao


Hell naw, I’m always humble


Yes. I will go into every restaurant and eat my meal and demand it for free because I am Byte famous.


Nah I’m humble.


I’ve been poppin’ since kindergarten! Whatchu talkin’ bout???


Naw but seriously I’d be kinda nervous. That’s too much responsibility in my opinion.


i’m struggling to find the right balance between confidence and ego here, but while typing this i thought about it and feel a bit better so that’s cool. it’s all still too confusing rn…


Appreciate the honesty on this one. Most people would have naw man not me.

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I dont know man I feel it would and it wouldn’t if you know what I mean

I think what fame does it exposes people both the good and bad side of them

Sometimes when I think about this question I feel the same way

A lot of people I’ve asked in person have said that, but I feel like unitl you experience it you won’t really know

Feel the same way. Dont want to be a jerk but if millions of people randomly ask me for an autograph while I’m eating I could understand why they would become one

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There’s a lot of truth to what you’re saying. Fame probably exposes who you really are if anything

Dont be so down shonzi you’re not weird. Thought I’d hope the same as well

Staying humble is good but I feel like the fame enhances who you are. If you’re a jerk you’re only going to be more when you get to the top

I feel that’s true to an extent, but I know when you reach certain levels of success people below you will slowly disappear if that makes any sense

That’s a lot of truth right there, but until I experience the fame I wouldnt know. I could see be it annoying if people just randomly take photos of you while you’re eating, or some other everyday activity

Probably one of the realest comments I’ve read so far. If you’re post has 10k comments you cant reply to them all

True . Happens to even the best of us