Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

I’m just wondering what the population of the V2 community identifies as in terms of personality and what not

If you don’t happen to know what these words mean, here’s my rundown on their definition:

  • Introvert: Keeps to self, would rather shove their face in a book or computer screen than to go out with friends and party.
  • Extrovert: Outgoing and very social, would do anything to get out the house and go meet new people.

Here’s a scale if you land somewhere in between:



I took a psych test, and I got Extrovert. Putting it on a scale, I would say like a 8 or 9 extrovert :smiley:

Edit: I’m an ESTJ

As an ENTP my guess is that on the scale I’d be around 7 or 8

Introvert for sure. Probably around a 4, I still love to socialize.

My status changes every year for me. Last year I was an introvert online, and an extrovert in real life. This year I am an extrovert online and an introvert in real life. It is more sad than it sounds. I am getting used to it, though.

extrovert because i love to make new friends but on the scale i would land on 9 i guess :laughing:

Well, I’m more of an ambivert. .-.

Introvert. And it sucks because there’s hardly any jobs for me.

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I’m an introvert. Probably a level 6 or 7…

I’m probably aaaaa 5

As an ESFJ taking the Myers Briggs test I’ll put myself at a 7 for extraversion, and a 8 on a really good day :stuck_out_tongue:

fully introverted but i get along with people surprisingly well.

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Antisocial Extrovert

introverted extrovert - idk how to explain it but super extroverted with people I know and can be super introverted in new settings. overall people are surprised when I tell them im introverted

My friends say I’m an ambivert, but I really don’t see myself as anything but introverted. I really like making new friends, there’s nothing better in the world to me than doing that, but it’s really hard for me to take the first step. I get worked up for something as simple as keeping eye contact with someone I don’t know too well, and I really don’t like being put on the spot in conversations. I really wish I wasn’t like this :sweat_smile:

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I’m an ambivert too!!! Being with people is really really fun for me and I love meeting new people, but after a couple hours I just crash and can’t people anymore.

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I’m at first an introvert, then I become an extrovert depending on how comfortable I am… I’d say I’m an ambivert overall.

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I’m an introvert at heart…but extrovert at times

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I don’t know, i think humans are more complex than that. I’d be hard for me to say which one

Extrovert. I need to be surrounded by people enamored with my humor at all times or else I melt into a pool of self-loathing, rising only long enough to take a quick gulp of air before descending into the pits of despair.

Kane out.