Would v2 have management?

I know it’s kinda early to be asking this but, I know that youtubers have managers, I believe musically kids have them too, do you guys think the same thing would happen for v2? I mean I guess when you get big enough, and start getting all new opportunities and doors opened for you to become something bigger, you would obviously need a little help with it but how would it work? Would people see your popularity and get in touch with you? Just a thought.


Most people have managers or have a management, its basically key for life in this generation,

The management will contact you directly.

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Yeah it depends on Popularity. If people loves to watch you then you will get offers from many branches, etc.

it would probably end up happening, don’t think it has much to do vine staff themselves :blep:

It will definitely happen. How would they contact you?
They would send you a mail or a DM.

i just realized your profile pic omf, ik this is off-topic but it was already answered.

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business email, they always find a way.


bahahaa… hoping someone would get it :grin::wink:

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Having managers and managements is super important in now, if you’re doing good they should come to you

It’s exaclty like that dude :wink:
i work for a management company and usually is like u sayd, sometimes, however, you could be noticed even if not yet “popular”

Anytime there is the opportunity to get famous somebody will sell services to assist in becoming famous. It is inevitable.

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