Would old famous v***rs be Welcome?

I somewhat believe we can’t really stop them, but I will also like to see some new faces. What do you guys think?


You will definitely see many old faces become prominent on V2 - I believe it’s inevitable. However, you will, without a doubt, have a lot of newcomers that become prominent as well. It will also have a lot to do with what the community embraces. This is the type of app that, until there is some form of monetization, is shaped almost entirely by the users.


I think most of the old viners have other things they’re working on but will try to come back

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I don’t really think many of them will come to V2, but for the most part I think they would be accepted with open arms. Hopefully this new platform really pushes content from new creators though so new and old can be recognized together.


I would love it if thomas sanders and darius benson came back

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Completely agree. A lot of people are howling angrily (and some rightfully) about old vine users bringing in their fans and disrupting the way people rise and enjoy eachothers content here. There are going to be people we don’t like on a social media network like this, plain and simple, and we’ll have to take charge of our own accounts and block/ban/whatever those we don’t want to see or hear from. People can make up emails and accounts and upload their content that way and that kind of has me wondering what’s to stop someone from having multiple accounts or getting banned and coming back?

That’s going to be the test of V2, will those in charge actually do what they say they will. Not meaning to sound rude but we’ve seen it where there’s a big complaint on something… and the hammer falls short by days, weeks months… if ever.

Let everyone come, and we can slowly weed away the ones we want to see vs the ones we don’t.

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Of course, but I’m hoping we get some fresh new faces as well

Dom has addressed this, so old viners will be welcomed. But we all want more opportunities for all artists, not just already established ones

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i feel like SOME old viners should be welcomed.

I feel like many will come back, but probably won’t be welcomed, depends on the community.

Some will come back but many probably don’t know or have other things going on in their life right now so they probably don’t care tbh