Would Love to See This Grow

Hey. New here. Just wanted to give my 2 cent about the thing going on here and want I think might help the app and community grow.

My hope Future Priorities of Byte as told by me:

The app is extremely well made. I dont say that to gain favor. like it runs so smoothly. Like the dedication is there. Maybe because the servers are light right now but the app glides for me. And even the random content is cool. Early vine vibes for sure. Just random stuff. Cool to see. Thats why I like it so much.

Here is a tentative list of things that I think would be cool to see in the plans for this app.

  1. Ten Second Videos. I think this one might be a must. Byte has to be different than vine. Otherwise it’s just be vinerepost.com. That would be horrible for the community. Think about the people on byte right now simply because they like to use the app. They should be important for the apps future. I know byte tracks these stats. Continue to do so.
  2. Private accounts. The bots are bad. Idk the balance here tbh. But people see the potential of the app and want to try to make money off of it. This “private account thing” maybe is for me more than anything. I want to be able to get my friends that use stupid apps onto a good app. But those people dont like good apps becasue they dont want to be famous and distracted and interact with bots. That stuff is annoying on other… platforms and push people to use like smaller apps. But most smaller apps dont have the vision of byte. I think people want to see their friends. And it can be close friends. Close friends need a place to hide sometimes. And byte could be cool for that. what if they just opened the app and only saw their close friends (private account). This may be down the line. But should be in the works for sure. This is the community byte can have as the new social media platform with a great design. Think people who use marco polo (I hate that app [hope I can say I hate other apps when talking about this one]) would jump. I want people I know who make me use marco polo to jump ship.
  3. DMing; Direct messages.
  4. Easier to connect with my friends directly. Rebytes are cool. But maybe prioritize them less right now idk. I don’t care about viral connect (most of which in the app is…. to much like other things).
  5. Better comment threads. (This is probably so hard. I am not a coder).
  6. Easier editing for videos. Just coping and moving pieces around (again. Probably coding. I’m so sorry).
  7. More people just having fun on the app and not trying to be famous. Just like posting dumb stuff. Early vine days.

TLDR; byte is probably gonna be popular anyway. It’s got all the makings of a good app. Easy, fast, fun interface. All the bugs will probably be worked out as it gains popularity. But let’s make the community cool too.


1 kinda moves away from the whole point of there being a six second limit in the first place.

2 is being worked on and will be coming soon

3 will be coming eventually but after 4.

4 could do with further explanation as to how you think it could be easier :slight_smile:

  1. I just don’t think ■■■■■■ is a good branding strategy. But idk. That’s just my perspective. My friends who liked vine resent it rn now. And my friend who didn’t have vine didn’t have it for a reason. So maybe byte can just be byte. And a change like that is something that might help. Idk. Kinda how tik tok carved a lane

  2. For #4 Hard to say. Right now content is a very wide variety. “For you consideration” is very very mixed results for me personally still. But I have found like 3 or 4 byters I think are making cool content. Hope to find more and just support their content for a while. Maybe start sharing clips with friends in messages and stuff. There’s a lot of cool byte culture forming already.