Would love to be able to edit captions

pls? I often don’t realise how effective I can be with a caption until after it’s already been uploaded, so would be a handy feature if I could edit my stupidity away!

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whilst i am sure there are lots of advantages to this kind of feature, once big disadvantage comes to mind and its one of the main reasons why platforms like twitter do not allow you to edit tweets

when someones byte is rebyted, the exact caption is rebyted along with it. people could in turn, edit their captions once it has been rebyted. and i am sure we can all see how that can be maliciously

I think this is more prevalent on Twitter because when a tweet is sent most likely the main focus will be text. Whereas on Byte the content of the byte itself will not change.A rule can be that you cannot edit after someone rebytes something.

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yes also h

yeah either that or maybe like you can only edit your caption in the first 10 minutes or something

whilst i get the caption is far from the main focus, i am sure that would not be a barrier to some people whos only intention is to cause chaos in this world :japanese_goblin:

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hmm I’m not sure I quite see the harm. I equate byte to Instagram, rather than twitter, because it’s more content based as opposed to text based. a time limit could be a fair compromise, or a note that mentions if something has been edited - like they do on Instagram. if people want to use the platform for malicious intent, I’m sure they’d do so with or without the tool to edit their content after posting, no?

well i wasn’t really implying this would become the only way for people to maliciously use byte, because there is people that already do so without this feature. however this would certainly give another avenue for them to do so and could potentially be the most damaging way because content on social media tend to spread pretty fast these days.

whether content or text based, the caption is still there and if someone was to rebyte a byte only for the caption to be changed later on, they may end up sharing something completely different to their viewership and that is categorically not a good thing - that should not be dismissed just because you watch the video before you read the caption. i think a comprise like a notification of edit or potentially a time limit would be the only way this could safely be implemented into byte and with such parameters and precautions instated around it, i think this would be a good feature to add, however, it must be done properly for everyones sake