Would love some feedback on this!

I’m creating a basis style for around my content and I would love some feedback on it so I can improve because I always want to.


I love the colors on the grey and red hoodie :aww:

It looks like a Supreme rip, which is fine. But I would advise you create your own identity instead of being so clearly inspired by others.

Honestly only the font is what I used from supreme, just love the clarity of it but for the rest, I don’t know what my style is but I can say this is my twenty second version of my channel banner so idk if you can call it a rip but from the hoodie perspective I completely agree, this is the second version of that I will go back to 0 on that one. Really appreciate your feedback bro #V2Love

Yea I like the basis of it too, will completely change the logo on it because I ain’t that happy with it but the overall feel to it is nice in my opinion. Appreciate your feedback man! #V2Love

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Oh man, its so cool

Ur welcome. Best of luck towards making the final product :exclamation: I’m sure it’ll turn out great :heh:

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This looks super cool! At first I was questionable about how it says “channel” on the hoodie but it’s kinda growing on me, so people who don’t know can see it and become curious! Also nice Casey quote, he’s a very influential vlogger

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Thanks bro! #V2Love

Thanks, I really appreciate your opinion so kind :heart:#V2Love

Definitely something I would wear

How much would you pay for it? Btw thanks!

The colors of the hoodie look great, I’m digging the blood camo look. I just don’t like the white bars around the text because its an obvious rip off of supreme. You could always make the text smaller and move it to the right chest pocket area making it look a bit more professional.

Are the white bars really a rip off from supreme? O.o I honestly added that myself and I have seen a supreme shirt in my life once lol, thanks btw #V2Love

Looks great man!

In my country they will be $15 or $25 usd (300 or 500 peso argentino)

Its have an special meaning the name? WopWop

Why all the people are talking about Supreme? Is very famous in USA, Right?

Hmm seems like a good price indeed

Not so much itself but it’s like an identifier for me and my closest friends, made it like 3 years ago with a group and I will keep it for life because I’m humbled and proud to call and have called some of those my friends.