Would be epic

With everything going down and the influx of new users. I think it would be epic if we did our first challenge. I know the team doesn’t have a lot of time right now to work on a new challenge, but we could just redo bytefighter. I think it would go over crazy well.


:0 this would be a good time for a challenge. i wouldnt mind byte fighter, but its also been a HUGE trend on tiktok, and they might just say ‘ohhh tiktok copy’ but would love to see a challenge happen. would give the old and new creators a chance to participate in the same thing


I think #DoItForTheByte or #CanYouByteIt would be great contenders :fire:


Don’t forget @thelnbb is still happening weekly. Only a very small byte population does it but it should be big enough that it’ll get some weird alt attention tomorrow. Hosted by our boy @BlackSuperman

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I have an idea for a challenge…

I didn’t expect so many people to be on the app for this week tbh :joy:

Since you’ve brought it up again, could you tell me how long it’s supposed to last? Every time I thought of participating I found it had passed already

NO PRESSURE! Good luck uniting both sides of byte though

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They changed the channel to @thelnbb and the time is different each week depending on the host but are announced regularly from the channel.

This week it’ll be Friday 5pm est and they usually run 5 hours but it’s To the host to extend or shorten it an hour.

And as always just a reminder for anyone reading that’s new that we do pick a winner but we don’t play to win. The fun comes from how much cool content we can create together given the topic on short notice.

It’s like asking a musician from every genre to write a song about farming. We all being our unique skills and perspective.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so THAT’S why I don’t ever join. Yeah, no, if I can’t have wake up early to put makeup on and use natural light, I just don’t record. Love the idea, will keep following the channel, but a 5 hour time frame just isnt for me lol

What if there was a LNBB held for each region?

nahhhhhhhhhhhh don’t fret. I thought it lasted the weekend that’s why I was always confused

Saturation isn’t normally good but I’m not saying there isn’t room to think of a different kind of challenge on a different time and day :thinking: