Worst Job Ever Worked?

I know for me working Walmart security was the worst. Low pay, along with the occupation being super thank less. Share your thoughts below.


Worst job for me was working at the reception… Customers were very, veryyyyyyy rude and they had no boundaries :expressionless:. They payed me poorly, i felt so unappreciated, some of my coworkers were super rude, i felt like crying every single day, sometimes i got accused of things I HAVE
NEVER DONE and the environment was super depressing. I also started to have sleepless nights because of it.

I must say though my old job helped me with my social anxiety a bit and It made me a little tougher


worst for me was any factory work I’ve done. 12 hour night shifts of just doing the same thing all night, it wasn’t great.


Look up casting couch and you’ll find mine…


maccies was pretty bad at times just because of the greese and random hours but the pay was above minimum wage so it was alright :ok_hand:


That really sucks, but we all have to pay our dues working jobs we don’t like. Reading this reminded of my wal-mart job very much, but I got along with most of my co-workers.


worst for me was any factory work…

My Response:

Oh, man working the night shift is the worst. Been there done that.


maccies was pretty bad…

My Response:

Yeah, I don’t think anybody really likes to work fast food


In a bakery


Working in the food industry never seems that fun to be honest. Glad I aint doing that anymore


For me my worst job was my first job working for a company that got people to sign up for credit cards! It was horrible!!! We had to call people and tell them this script on how they were approved and just needed to fill out a few things to get them the card. Most of the time it was people who didn’t want the cards, and would grip us out for calling! I hated it!


Call center jobs are never fun. I feel the pain on that one

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