Working on a new project: any ideas?

Hey guys! I’m really loving watching the wonderful Bytes you guys are making; it’s really inspiring to see such a creative, genius, and actually welcoming community nowadays. It’s actually inspired me to continue to work on a new project to allow everyone to create anything and reach their potential.

It’s called Aspire, and it’s a creative suite, like Adobe Creative Cloud. But, what sets it apart is that it’s built for how we consume modern-day content, like Bytes and Instagram photos. It’s built with simple, clean design, can be used nearly anywhere (mobile, web, desktop), has real-time collaboration, has customizable tutorials and offers pro-level features for free, with a premium model for more storage, add-ons, and other features. It seems ambitious, but we (me and 3 of my closest friends) are really dedicated to working on it and I’m open for feedback, positive or critical. Do you guys have any ideas or feedback? I plan to give updates on this thread while we wait to start our own forum. It would mean the world to me, and the open-arms like vibe and creativeness of this community are the reason I went here to tell the rest of the world about it. :sparkling_heart: you guys so much!



I like it and it’s unique…nothing to suggest as of now.

Just keep us updated

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