Wordplay this

Person 1; gives a word.
Person 2; Replies with a wordplay a.k.a oronyms
eg; ice cream———> I scream

Continue on until you think that’s pretty much it. Next person calls in a new word.

Let’s go!


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Here’s a topic similar to this:


Cry eating

Do I then say a new word??

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Idk If that sounds like CREATOR though. How about

cray tour

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.,. Crazy :crazy_face:

Cray see!

Indeed it is interesting and I always try to find such threads.
In general, since I was a child I loved all word games or puzzles, namely, through such activities, I developed enormously.
That’s why I try to make my child like such things and I see that she succeeds.
She always shows deep interest and likes to spend time in this way.
From time to time I help her, as for example yesterday I helped her with greek letter crossword clue and I am very happy that I made her happy.

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