Won't back out of accounts

I updated today on beta and now when I search people to check out their account it won’t back out unless I click back like 5 times fast or have to restart the app.


Also it’s been glitchy with the search bar and half the time I try typing something no options come up and I have to back out and go back

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I’ve been experiencing the same issues https://community.byte.co/t/back-navigation-bug-with-search/52875

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Won’t let me click that link for some reason. Hope it gets fixed with the next update🤷‍♀️ not a huge bug tho

Hmm well it links to the beta bug reports category. Maybe you weren’t given the beta tester role on here? :thinking:

Yeah I got beta recently

Thanks for the report! We’ve added this to our list and will look into it.

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