Wonderful Watermarks

There’s been a lot of talk about avoiding stolen content by using watermarks. A normal, intrusive watermark in the video might distract from The Aesthetic. But, stolen content can’t really be stopped with a non-intrusive watermark, so why don’t we have a feature where exporting these videos adds a watermark instead. That way, watching videos on v2 with no watermark would be more attractive than watching them with a watermark on YouTube, etc.
The only problem now is screen recording. :thinking:


If we put watermarks on extracted videos, people who intend to steal will just screen record.
Check out this thread that has many other ideas

One suggestion that was to make an official V2 account on youtube and upload our own comps. This way, the stealing accounts get less support, and it’s better than just letting the fake accounts just steal content.


Well, if its screen recorded, people can tell by the poor audio and outside noises. Some might not even HAVE audio. It’s a good way to tell its been screen recorded.

Wow that actually sounds like a pretty solid idea :ok_hand:

pretty sure you can record audio with screen recordings

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What about screen recorders that require i microphone? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Background sounds get picked up, you know.

with screen recorders? @ryze

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Yes. There is no way that you can screen record with audio while omitting the background noise. The audio quality would also be worse.

I dont think you understand what i’m talking about. A screen recorded (atleast on pc) records your screen with audio. No background noise.


There are 2 different sources of audio involved.

  1. The audio from the device recording.
  2. Any audio from outside (ie. your voice, something falling on the floor, doorbell, etc.)

If you screen record with audio, you’ll need to be in a completely silent room and not make a single sound. Even then, the quality of the recorded audio would decrease due to the method of recording.
It’s like recording the audio from a popular song with your phone’s Voice Recording app. It will never be the same quality.

screen recording is not recording from a secondary device. its for the same device.
example: i wanted to recorded some gameplay on my pc/phone. I turn on the screenrecorder on that same device, and start recording my screen with audio. IF I want external audio, you can turn on the mic

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On computers, you can record audio directly with the Stereo Mix. On phones, I’m not sure if this option is available.

if someone is dedicated to stealing content, they will probably use their pc, save as many videos as they can (not having to worry about taking up too much memory), and then can upload from there.

BTW, People have suggested that preventing uploading from pc would stop this, but I wouldnt go with that option


By having the faint watermark I was explaining earlier, the app would be more attracting to users and reposting off of a computer client, wouldn’t be effective.

v2 would be the only place to watch v2 content without a faint watermark.

That leaves only one problem: How will people reuse memes that sprout from v2? On Vine, making “Boi if you don’t” memes was easy. If we’re not careful, too much thought into stolen content will drive away users.

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honestly, if a user is worried about their content being stolen they should be responsible for watermarking it themselves. having a “faint watermark” only when viewing on other sites will not stop people from ripping videos at all, people will easily be able to rip with ios’s screen recording features

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We have to find a way to the people to not steal our content

I loveeee this idea

Has everybody forgotten so quickly what led to the enormous success of the original app? Parodies! Parodies of other parodies! People would borrow other material (in the same way that Saturday Night Live does it), and they would make a funny re-make upon the original. The obsession with content protection will significantly hurt V2.

Exactly! The responsibility of placing a watermark in a video should, in my opinion, be left to the creator. But, in the event that there are, in fact, stricter rules and techniques in place, these are some of the ideas I could come up with.

These stricter rules make me fear for the fate of creators who use copyrighted music for a majority of their content (editors, dancers, fans of a certain song/artist even).